Minutes PTCBMX November 9, 2013




1.      Roll Call 4:00pm:

Anthony and Shayne Robinson, Bruce Heldt, Jil Brawner, Robin Mitchell, Cheryl Jashek, Rob Julian, Candy Mejeris,  John Mark Wood, Carol McCard, Heather Black (email ballmomof2@yahoo.com).



2.      Minutes of previous meeting.  Approved



3.      Treasurers Report. www.ptcbmx.com  - Please see the website.


4.      Discuss Redline Cup for 2014:

May 31, 2014 Redline Cup at PTCBMX

$1,000.00 Team Racing purse for Redline Cup

Redline Places: 1-4 trophies 5-8 Pins

Need sponsors for Redline:            

      $250.00- vend and banner

      $500.00- vend, banner and name on website   

      $1,000.00- vend, banner and name on products from the track


5.      Track Directors report:

Winterizing the tracking- filling sandbags. Date in December.

Need new blower from track, the current blower leaks gas


6.      Open Forum:

Pete Asci - talked about getting something for Pete and his mom when his Dad passes.

April 5, 2014 State Qualifier for PTCBMX:

      $500.00 Team Racing purse for State Qualifier

      State Qualifier places: 1-8 trophies

      Stress balls to be thrown to crowd

June 1, 2014 Race for Life at PTCBMX. Offering Redline bike for the rider that raises the most money.

Riders Ready Store is now open.

Showed some new bags and travel mugs for trophies 2014 season.



Meeting adjourned 4:35pm