Minutes  PTCBMX October 05 th      2013


1.      Roll Call.  4.00pm , Anthony and Shayne Robinson, Bruce Heldt, Jill Brawner, Robin Mitchell, Natalie Padovano, Shelby Stevulak. Cheryl Jashek, Matt Loggins, Kim Julian, Candy Mejeris, Rod Stuckey, Chuck Thompson, John Mark Wood,.



2.      Minutes of previous meeting..  Approved



3.      Treasurers Report. www.ptcbmx.com   Redline Cup final expenses . No questions. All expenses will be documented  October account due to timing of credit cards. We have $230 left over in saver stamps will offer for places 1-3 vat our SQ.


.       Board approved for 2014.

Anthony Robinson  TO

Shayne Robinson  President.

Natalie Padovano  Treasurer.

Jill Brawner  Secretary.


4.      RL Cup 2014  dates submitted.  May, August and September..

5.      2014 calendar dates set and approved by city. Waiting on USABMX to set up SQ and all other double points racing.  Team series will be run in June and July, with prizes of $50 gift card for Beefs and  Peace Tea from Monster.  Fall series will begin in August, prizes will be jersey and number plates. Winners of each class will receive a PTCBMX chair.

6.      LAPS program set up for 2014. 5 times = orange cinch bag, 10 times = licence plate, 15 times = car mat. 20 plus lucky draw for a tablet.

7.      PTCBMX shop on line will be available soon. A percentage of the proceeds will go towards supporting our track.

8.      Shayne to speak with MJT designs for a master plaque for local racing to include a picture frame.

9.      Shayne to check with the city on night racing for the month of October only.


Meeting adjourned 4.35pm