Minutes of  PTCBMX September 7th      2013


1.      Roll Call.  At 3.15pm Carol McCard,Lou  McCard, Jill Brawner , Brude Heldt, Stephen Wilbanks, Cheryl Jashek, Shelby Stevulak, Dwite, Stevulak, Karen Thompson, Gerry Padavano, Natalie Padavano, Anthony and Shayne Robinson.



2.      Minutes of previous meeting.Approved.



3.      Treasurers Report. www.ptcbmx.com   Redline Expenses showing up early. $1500 trophy order paid for and $400 for city rental of facility and gates.  No other unusual expenses.



4.      Redline Cup discussions. Volunteers finalized.  Announcer accommodation paid for, gas paid for Robert Wiginton for clerking and Connelly family for staging and 30 foot rule.  Shelby to help Shayne shop for concessions. Shelby to compile saver stamps when they arrive. Wednesday help needed to put up banners. Confirm work day Sunday morning 10am to 1pm.  Please bring extra golfcarts to roll in track. .



5.      Positions available for Parents BMX Association. Track Director, President, Treasurer and Secretary. Nominations due October 1st. You can speak with Anthony and Shayne for additional information  Lou McCard nominated Anthony and Shayne to remain in current positions.


6.      Cheryl Jashek expressed concern  over lack of teenage riders at track.  Looking for ways to involve teenagers more in the track process. Idea of a teenage rep. floated around. Anthony and Gerry to see if viable. Noted that typically teenagers 15-18 disappear into girls, and cars at this age. This is common throughout the USABMX membership profile.  There is also a lack of parent involvement at this age at the track.  Noted that any meetings with teenagers their  parents would have to be present. Regarding work day, TO sends out text messages. Teenagers can help or not. Most of the work is done by adults and our younger riders with parents present.


Clinics brought up. These will be handled by adults now. Our head coach will be Anthony Robinson, with Arthur Gore and Mark Bradberry getting their licences too. Stephen Wilbanks will also be participating in the program.  If teenagers or expert riders want to help out at clinics, please speak with either of these coaches.  We will be in compliance with USABMX rules by January 2014.  Michael Porter and Dylan Jashek both resigned from clinics citing conflicts with Anthony and Shayne.  It was noted that Michael Porter failed to get his back ground check, failed to submit his work plan and failed to start clinics on time.  This is unacceptable for our track operations.  Anthony and Shayne made it clear that they have greater responsibility in running these clinics.  Also noted that the Jashek family have told Shayne not to speak to their son. He will not be volunteering any more. Cheryl confirmed this . Shayne has complied with this request, but Dylan feels uncomfortable.  This is a parent issue, not a track issue. Issue remains as is.



8. Meeting concluded at 4.30pm  .