Minutes PTCBMX August 10 th      2013 Csalled to order at 3.15pm


1.      Roll Call. Anthony and Shayne Robinson, Natalie and Gerry Padavano, Karen Thompson, Robin Mitchell, Cheryl Jashek, Jerry Kantorczyk,  Brittney Loggins, Shelby Stevulak.  Sean Lambert , Robert Julian, Adrian Bradberry, Matthew Gates. Ashton Collier, Mary Ann Franklin



2.      Minutes of previous meeting..



3.      Treasurers Report. www.ptcbmx.com  Only 2 races in July. Big expense amounts for dirt and deposits for the Redline Cup with the city. Also have end of year promotional item in house now as the deal was 50% off.



4.      Redline Cup discussions. Still to collect sponsorship money from Southside Wreckers and Big Daddy’s. Trophies will come in at about $1500, we will do saver stamps too. Only certificates for BW race, ribbons for single points race. First 50 pre-registered will receive a PTCBMX Frisbee for BW.


Hired Willie to help keep bathrooms tidy and pick up trash. Al Yogel from PTCBMX will supply extra trash cans and will facilitate pick up Sat afternoon.


We will have 2 porta-potties on site.


Atlanta Trek will be in house. Evolution will be fielding a team. Monster will be in house.


Robert Wiginton will be in house on Sat. to help Robin with registration. Track will pay his gas bill.


Chad Grace will be announcing for us from Florida. We will pick up his hotel bill.


Ampitheater is having an event that night that overlaps with ours. We will have parking cut off for the track. City to supply fences for us.


Shayne to speak with Huddleston School for over flow parking. USABMX to return phone call regarding event.




6. Track Directors report on track maintenance etc.  To do list before September Redline Cup.  Antony will send out text messages for working on the track. If all volunteers coiuld please give 30 minutes of their time that would be appreciated.



8. OPEN forum .


Brittany Loggins and her sons, Kemper and Ace will be doing a BMX presentation at the open house at heir school this week.  PTCBMX gave them all the information brochures we have for handouts. Very excited. This is available to anyone who can get into the schools to promote our sport. Thank you guys.


Meeting adjourned at 4pm