Minutes PTCBMX July 09     2013


1.      Roll Call.  7pm meeting called .  Anthony and Shayne Robinson, Jerry Kamtorcsyk, Dwite and Shelby Stevulak, Alex Gore, Kim Julian, Chris McKay, Mathew and Brittany Loggins, Candy Mejeris, Ricky Johns.



2.      Minutes of previous meeting. Code of Ethics for By-Laws to be approved.



3.      Treasurers Report. www.ptcbmx.com  . Track maintenance spend was big. $800 for dirt, and extra materials for the rebuild. Vending machine sales low due to warm drinks. Still waiting for compressor.



4.      Redline Cup discussions. We have a new flier coming from USABMX with all the schedule of events updates. These will be distributed to all the hotels and fliers will go out to neighboring states.  Members approved the $1500 purse for team racing and there will be no purse for the pros due to lack of fundraising from persons responsible. We will be putting together a banner of our sponsors for the team racing event, so if you know of anyone who can contribute to the purse, please let Shayne know in ten days. The banner will be displayed at the track underneath the USABMX banner behind the starting hill. Trophies will cost us about $1200. There will be USABMX stamps available too. We will have small awards for 5-8 and main makers.


Redline stress balls will be thrown out to the crowd between the motos and the mains.

BW special, we will hand out Frisbees to the first 100 riders to that event.


Redline pre-registration will be posted on our website payable through paypal. Shayne to contact Bill Curtin to see how to set that up.


If you can volunteer that weekend please let Shayne know. We will have 50/50 and raffle going on too.


Fast Back will be selling bbq, Monster will be in house, Trek Bicycles, Evolution. Trying to get Sasquatch in house as well. There will be no charge for parking.



5.      August racing includes delayed Open madness. August 10th will be open madness and prizes from May cancellation. Parents meetings will be back on schedule on this date.



6.      2014 calendar posted to city. Dates remain consistent, but time trials and clinics limited to one a month. Anthony and Shayne limiting time trials and clinics next year. Clinics will be for new riders and their parents. Mark Bradberry and Arthur Gore in charge. There will be no gate run at these clinins.


7.  Track Directors report on track maintenance etc.  To do list before September Redline Cup.  Installing drain pipes this weekend. Ordering extra sod for track. Ordering two loads of good dirt.



7.      OPEN forum . Vandalism of track discussed. Police are working with us to monitor. Replacing Sprockets sign $105. Other sign to be put back. !


Meeting closed at 8.15pm