Minutes  PTCBMX  Meeting May 07th     2013


1.      Roll Call.  7.50pm  Anthony and Shayne Robinson, Natalie and Gerry Padovano, Pete Mejeris, Cheryl Jashek, Jerry Kantorczyk, Michael Porter.



2.      Minutes of previous meeting. Approved .



3.      Treasurers Report. www.ptcbmx.com   



4.      Summer Team Series. One day events with $50 gift card for winning team of the night. Rules to be posted. Discussion. Beefs to be restaurant of choice. Like to support our sponsors. Case of Monster per event. Form your team day of as well. Forms posted on website.



5.      June 27th is our OLYMPIC Day special. Fees changed to $15 for a t shirt and a medal plus a certificate from USABMX. USABMX have waived sanction and insurance fees for the day. .



6.      Update on cash purses for Redline Cup weekend. Team racing is complete with the addition of $500 from Tri4Gold. Now have $1000 to raise for the Pro-am series. Rules to be the same as Grippen Park series. 16 and over, amateurs must race class/cruiser, $10 entry fee fro amateurs and $20 for pros. Must have 16 signed up to race or event cancelled. Open to women too .



7.      OPEN forum . Track will be purchasing turf tires for 4 Wheeler. We have purchased 4 rolls of black plastic 32 feet wide from Lumber 84 in Alabama. Rob Wiginton to hold on to it for us. Price was $118 a roll plus tax. Well worth it. Anthony will be in Alabama on Sat. to help run the Redline Cup. Shayne to stay and run our Open Madness day. Volunteers needed for Tri4Gold triatholon weekend May 18th. ! Julian family and Padovano family will be there.

8.      Meeting adjourned 8.20pm