Minutes  PTCBMX April 11    2013


1.      Roll Call. 3.30pm. Cheryl Jashek, Shayne Robinson, Adrian and Mark Bradberry, Robin Mitchell, Ron and Kim Julian, Natalie and Gerry Padavano, Pete and Candy Mejeris. Karen and Chuck Thompson, Arthur Gore.



2.      Minutes of previous meeting. Approved.



3.      Treasurers Report. www.ptcbmx.com   Please see website. We are in the process of collecting $1000 sponsorship money due this month.



4.      SQ Final arrangements. Volunteers. Discussion. Team rules discussion. Different set of rules for the Summer Series. Each team will receive a case of Monster. Monster has donated gift packs , these to be given out to a winner in a lucky class Novice, Inte, Expert, Girl, Cruiser Men, Cruiser Women. Volunteers for registration to be in place at 9.15am. Track volunteers for set up please plan on a 8am set up. We will revise after race on Sat. all depends on weather. Work session to be texted through the week. All dependent on weather !



5.      Update on cash purses for Redline Cup weekend.  Discuss options. Pro-am purse $1000 , min of 16 riders, $20 entry fee for amateurs, $30 entry fee for pros. Amateurs must race class/ cruiser.  NO pro-am purse for girls. Travis and Ashlee have not been able to secure any sponsorships to date. $1000 purse for teams. Close to $500 already collected. Gerry to follow up with previous sponsors.  Open classes will be run for Redline $10 entry fee. Shayne to follow up with sponsorhip for Pro-ams with CVB and Hotels.


6.      Track will adopt coaches code of ethics in line with other sports.  Approved .


7.      Amendment to by-laws to include code of ethics for Board members.  Approved.


8.      Para-olympians will be in place for Olympic Day June 27th. Working with IOC on this, Already have 2 volunteers. Price will be $15 for t shirt and a medal. USABMX to supply certificates too. We have partnered with Ga State Olympic Committee. Able to lower price since USABMX waiving fees for this event.



Meeting adjourned at 4.15pm