Minutes  PTCBMX March  02nd    2013


1.      Roll Call.  3pm  Anthony and Shayne Robinson, Cheryl Jashek, Candy mejeris, Dwite Stevulak, Karen Thompson, Brenda Emmett,Natalie and Gerry Padovano,, Mark Bradberry, Robins Mitchell, Robert Julian, Debra Williams, Jerry Kanorcsyk.



2.      Minutes of previous meeting. Approved



3.      Treasurers Report. www.ptcbmx.com   Approved. Posted omn website



4.      Report Back from Summit 2013. See attached Document.  Big recruiting opportunity for Coaching License for our track.  Mark to oversee schools with his police background. Release of program is April 01. Shayne to let members when available.


a)      PTCBMX strider package : Mark to handle sales. Price set at $80 each. Money to go to Redline Cup Team purse.

b)      Coaching band to be designed and given out to our coaches to wear on race day and prac. days. This will identify them to new riders and their parents.  Help us retain riders.

c)      Mentor / buddy program. Educate our young mentors on key to helping new riders day of and beyond. Possible wear wrist band to advertise their status. Possible to put picture up of our young mentors?  This buddy program key to retaining riders at our track.

d)      Fly helmet Program:  Gerry Padovano to help out with his Fly contacts. Recruit 3 new riders who race, and you will earn a brand new Fly Helmet, courtesy of PTCBMX> You will have 3 choices from the catalog. Kinetic Inversion OR Kinetic dash OR Fly Bot.  Mark and Robert already one each!!!  Our goal is 100 new riders this year .

e)      With the summit being in Louiseville next year, track will look to paying for the hotel rooms for a larger group to attend. Cheryl to keep us on target with that.



5.      March 16th 30th anniversary celebration. Discussion. Volunteers needed. March 07th Anthony, Shayne and Cheryl will be at City Hall to receive our proclamation for 30th Anniversary. Good photo opportunity.  Clinic $30 is expensive but guaranteed some one on time instruction and a goody bag with a free race coupon.  Shayne setting up BMX dog Comp., ( Natalie to send mock up pic of her dog for the website ) Day of will have King Of Flats comp. and foot down competition


A ) Harlem Shake:  Unanimous vote that Robert Julian will run with this production. Look for updates on Face book and Website. Get ready for a whole lot of fun.  



6.      Update on cash purses for Redline Cup weekend.  Shayne to speak with Ashlee and Travis on updates. Track will be responsible for this amount if they fail to come through.



7.      OPEN forum . Anthony to post to do list on the website.


Volunteers:  Potter Plates has his hands full. Decided to go with USABMX Polo Shirts for all our core volunteers.  After one years worth of volunteering you will earn one of these shirts. Regular  volunteers will continue to wear our T shirt style shirts.


Peachtree City Guide:  Selling advertising space will earn us commission. Passed on to Kim Julian.


Meeting adjourned at 4.10pm