Peachtree City Bmx Track Parents Meeting – 2 February 2013

Meeting called to order at 3:45pm by meeting chair Shayne Robinson.

Members Present:

Carel McCard

Michelle Mascara

Mary Ann Franklin

Randy Watkins

Gena Chreiteh

Shelby Stevulak

Shayne Robinson

Robin Mitchell

Ashlee Hill

Gerry Padovano

Natalie Padovano

Kim Julian

Anthony Robinson

Cheryl Jashek

Karen Thompson


Reading of Agenda

             Motion to approve January Financial  Summary

-Resolved without modification

             Motion to accept No Carry-over  from January

-Accepted and carried.


Approval of Minutes


             Minutes of previous meeting accepted


Treasures Report


·         Credit Card amount

·         Registration and Concession Stand income

·         Sponsorships coming in

-Accepted and carried


             Full detailed Peachtree City BMX Finance Sheet is attached



·         Proclamation  March 7th, 2013

·         Funds are going to trophies of the day. Waiting to see where we sit after the Summit

·         March 16th Anniv. Race – Jumpy Castle, Climbing wall- no cost.

·         Best BMX dressed dog contest.

·         King of Hill Flat Pedal

·         Clinic

·         Free Race Day

·         Contract renewed with the city for the year.

·         Cue Card in production

·         Bathroom Shut down/Sewage Lines

·         Redline Flight School May 18 or 19th Jason Carnes

·         Children Healthcare of Atlanta EMT Free –Working on Contract

·         Looking For Graphics for March 16th

·         Volunteers Blog for March 16th –Michelle Mascara

             Winterizing the track and covering projects.

                Plastic has been ordered for next season. Continue to cover until April.