Peachtree City Bmx Track Parents Meeting 12 January 2013

Meeting called to order at 3:45pm by meeting chair Shayne Robinson.

Members Present:

Candy Mejeris

Shelby Stevulak

Dwite Stevulak

Shayne Robinson

Robin Mitchell

Ashlee Hill

Adrian Bradberry

Gerry Padovano

Natalie Padovano

Robert Julian

Anthony Robinson

Cheryl Jashek

Jerry Kantorzyk

Karen Thompson


Reading of Agenda

      Motion to approve 2012 Financial Summary

-Resolved without modification

      Motion to discuss agenda of Proposed Spending for 2013

-Accepted and carried.


Approval of Minutes


      Minutes of previous meeting accepted


Treasures Report


      Proposed Spending for 2013.

         Redline Cup Incentive Program

         State Qualifier Team Incentive


         Tower Repair

         Asphalt Repair

         Additional Hosting costs for State Qualifier and Redline Qualifier

-Accepted and carried


      Full detailed 2013 Peachtree City BMX Budget summary is attached

      Full detailed 2012 December Financials summary is attached





      Race for Life Saturday, April 20th

      State Qualifier Sunday, April 21st with the acceptance of providing a team purse.

-Accepted and carried

      Redline Cup confirmed for September 14th

      Motion to appoint fundraisers for Men/Womens ProAm and Team Purse

-Accepted: Travis Woodruff, Ashlee Hill and Jeff Jashek


      Winterizing the track and covering projects.

Resolved: Speak directly to riders/parents about volunteering. Continue with the text message updates.


Open Forum


Parking lot will be extended March 2013 by the City of Peachtree City.

Peachtree City BMX has coordinated sponsorships for the track for the 2013 season.

Interested track sponsors must provide Peachtree City BMX with a banner and a $250.00 sponsorship fee. If these businesses do not have a banner, USA BMX has a provider that costs $75.00