Minutes PTCBMX November 03    2012


1.      Roll Call. Adrian and Mark Bradberry, Paige Watkins, Shayne Robinson, Robert Julian, Nicholas Dean, Candy Mejeris, Shelby Stevulak, Meghan Stephens, Karen and Chuck Thompson, Jerry Kantorczyk, Robin Mitchell, Natalie and Gerry Padovano, Dwite Stevulak.


2.      Minutes of previous meeting.


3.      Treasurers Report.  Please see details www.ptcbmx.com


New prices for 2013:  $8 ribbon

                                    $11 trophy.

                                     $7 family of 3+

                                     $10  class and cruiser .

Check for $250 made out for Redline Cup application. Expect to hear back in November.

Latte Mugs at $2.35 delivered ordered for opening day ( 108)

Mail out for opening day to 1085 @ about $300 confirmed with USABMX

Officials and Tees awaiting artwork from Potter plates                          


4.      November 17th Last race. Trophy of the day is black/orange scarf. Chilli cook out. Track to supply steamed rice and drinks.


5.      Track Report and updates. Anthony.  Winterizing the track and covering projects. Gerry has an electrician that can help troubleshoot the problems with the Progate ram. Work days will be sent out in text format to help get track ready for winter.



6.      Open forum. Lots of questions about Insurance coverage for riders. USABMX coverage is $3000 with a $1000 deductible. This is secondary insurance. Clerk of course reports injuries on TORF report. If problems after event rider to contact USABMX office to complete claim form. PTCBMX does have claim forms that can also be filled out and mailed in to USABMX office.


EMT course offered by the track for interested parents. Details to follow. We do have Gerry, Paige, Robert and Mark all with EMT experience who will assess riders at scene. Requested that all riders please stay away from fallen rider and leave it up to the experts!


Parents meeting adjourned at 4.30pm