Minutes  PTCBMX October 06   2012  Called to order  4.30pm


1.      Roll Call. Anthony and Shayne Robinson, Karen and Chuck Thompson, Gerry and Natalie Padovano, Jerry Kantorcyzk, Deb Williams, Candy Mejeris, Shelby Stevulak, Robin Mitchell, Adrian Bradberry. Cheryl Jashek


2.      Minutes of previous meeting.


a)      approval of ByLaw changes for 2012-2013  APPROVED

b)      approval of 2013 Board members.  President BMX Parents:  Shayne Robinson

                                                            Track Operator:   Anthony Robinson

                                                                   Treasurer:          Cheryl Jashek

                                                      Assistant Treasurer:         Candy Mejeris

                                                                   Secretary:             Ashlee Hill


All positions APPROVED

3.      Treasurers Report.  Please see www.ptcbmx.com  All expenses explained. No questions


New prices for 2013:  $8 ribbon

                                    $11 trophy.

                                     $7 family of 3+

                                     $10  class and cruiser . 


PRICES APPROVED>                       


4.      Halloween Nite. Volunteers needed to decorate Sat. morning. Cheryl and Adrian to co-ordinate decorations. Karen to help too.


5.      Track Report and updates. Anthony.   No issues.  Gerry P. will be placing signs under the gate.



6.      Open forum. Meeting adjourned 5pm