Minutes  PTCBMX September 08  2012


  1. Roll Call. Anthony and Shayne Robinson, Gerry and Natalie Padavano, Tim Willis, Ty Robinson, Carol McCard, Lou McCard, Taffy Rhyne, Robert Julian, Dave Lakly, Candy Mejeris, Paige Watkins, Karen Thompson, Andrea Willis, Jerry and Pam Kantorczyk, Ashlee Hill, Travis Woodruff, Dimitrie Dyke, Deb Williams.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting. Nothing to report.


  1. Treasurers Report. See www.ptcbmx.com .All expenses explained. No questions.


  1. Discuss new child abuse laws in effect for all associations. Hand out available. These will be made available under documents on our website. Parents asked to review our by-laws again and to please contact Shayne or the City with further questions.


  1. Association contracts with city. Responsibilities. Commission meetings updates and hi-lites.  Reminded parents of monthly Recreation meetings with the city, 3rd Monday of every month. Open to the public. We have 2 separate contracts, one with the city and one with USABMX.  The Parents Association must abide by our land use agreement with the city. Be good stewards of the property. USABMX sanction rules always in force by the TO and all track officials. Concern from parents about strong use of language by some adults on the track. Sign will be put up to remind all that swearing is unacceptable, please refrain.


  1. By-Laws Update to reflect operating changes with contracts and USABMX. No comments on the changes. Vote on acceptance of changes will be made at October 6th meeting.


  1.  Nominations for 2013 accepted through October 6th. All job descriptions explained and responsibilities.


 Track Director:  Anthony Robinson

President:  Shayne Robinson

Secretary:  Ashley Hill

Treasurer: open Shayne and Candy to meet monthly to go through financials.

Assistant Treasurer : Candy Mejeris




  1. Discussion on programs for 2013. BMX Parents Assoc. celebrates 30th anniversary March 9th. Redline Cup application. Costs of racing for 2013. Budget due to city December 01, 2012.


PTCBMX not awarded National

Decision passed by majority to put in a bid for a Redline Cup for 2013. Travis Woodruff to work with Gerry and Tim on securing sponsorship for a pro-am open for said Redline Cup if secured. Team racing to be included. Agreed by majority that Sat. best day to host a redline cup. Parents to come up with ideas to promote.


Discussed Bike Fest weekend. BMX and Mountain Biking plus possibility of street biking all with sponsorship through the CVB for that weekend.


2013 Laps program of max. 15 races awarded was approved.


2013 Budget first look offered. Waiting on USABMX to announce any price increases. Still looking at best option to price our track for next year with value for all our riders.


2013 Sponsorship package announced. September and October key dates for applications. Monster on board for next year too.


Discussion on safety concerns at gate practice. with little riders. Agreed 6-7pm full track gate practice, 7-8pm can do half track. Will put up cones for our Strider riders to protect them and ourselves.


RFP for rebuild on tower came back $70 000. We are going back to the drawing board.


EMC working with us to repair and replace our lights. PTCBMX can put in $1000. City can match that in October.


Travis Woodruff: Discussion on his clinics. Apology offered to parents if he offended anyone with his sermons. Was not his intent. Would like to continue offering the clinics under the PTCBMX Parents/USABMX banner. These are set for Monday. There will be a $5 charge to cover expenses through November. If successful will revisit for 2013 budget. There may be no charge for 2013 if sponsorship available. Also viewed the option of Travis being compensated for his time. At meeting after all agenda items had been discussed,  Travis was asked to run the clinics through September and if successful, after the track has covered their expenses and insurance charge, the track would compensate Travis for his time October and November. This would also be revisited for 2013. If we have other single A pros who also want to offer their services for this Monday night practice clinic, discussion. Ashley Hill and Tim Willis have offered their services for Free on these nights too. 3 month trial period.  


Krupi South District Points challenge offered through Alabama. PTCBMX will be a part of the challenge. Robert Wiginton to send all details and will track points. No further action on our part. Simply race and enjoy. Augusta also part of the series. This was offered to Cobb County tracks but no word yet.



  1. Open forum. Nothing further left to discuss. Meeting adjourned.