Minutges  PTCBMX June 12th  2012


  1. Roll Call. 7pm Anthony and Shayne Robinson, Cheryl Jachek, Mary Ann Franklin, Amy Beine. Tim and Andrea Willis, Candy Mejeris, Dean Brown, Adrian Bradberry.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting.  Approved.


  1. Treasurers Report. Updates on rebuild finances . Please see website www.ptcbmx.com


  1. Track Director Report.  Projects and SQ for August 11th.  Will begin grooming track in July with extra dirt on the first straight, and reshaping of the jumps.  Extra dirt to be ordered in asap. Landscaping on back of berms.  Sod on order waiting for a dry day to deliver.


  1. Vandalism on track. City police to have a list of authorized people who may work on the track. Please have your id ready. 


  1. Still trying to get better water pressure.


  1. RFP going in this month for the tower. It will be a metal building.


  1. SQ August 11th. Will be running the 2 moto transfer system. Will have a strider bike race.  Also will have $500 team challenge competition. Jerry to secure funds. Anthony to advertise event. We will also have free gate prac Friday night. Trophy of the day is a CVB PTC momento.


  1. Volunteers sign ups.


  1. Open forum. Discussed new format for next year. We will offer $8 racing and a once off plaque to purchase to record your events. Price to be around $25. Will record 12 races. This is in response to new fee levied by city on our riders an extra $1 per rider per race.


  1. Meeting adjourned at 8.30pm