Minutes PTCBMX February 25th 2012


  1. Roll Call. Present Anthony and Shayne  Robinson, Jerry and Natalie Padovano,Jerry and Pam Kantorczyk, Farrah Milas, Bart Lundy


  1. Minutes of previous meeting. Approved.


  1. Treasurers Report. Check out www.ptcbmx.com for details  Timing system big expense for January at $1012.  Saving money for the rebuild.


  1. Track Director Report. Showed drawing for proposed change to 3rd straight. Will be an expert/amateur sections. On track to build up berms 1 and 2, Volunteers will not be needed for the first 2 days. Too much heavy equipment on the track. Will be needing volunteers in the weeks following. Jerry to bring bobcat to track on Monday to move dirt behind the first berm. Shayne to follow up with the city on dirt and fill dirt for back of berms.


  1. Promotions and fundraising for 2012. Report back from Amy Beine on Cookie Dough fundraiser. Lezlee Momper has already raised $300, people turning in orders next week. Amy will have final count for us in March. Big thanx to Amy.


  1. Open forum. Nothing new discussed.


Meeting adjourned 4pm.