Minutes PTCBMX January 14th 2012


  1. Roll Call.  4pm  Anthony and Shayne Robinson, Robin and Mike Mitchell, Jerry Kantorczyk, Michelle and Mark Mascara, Bart Lundy, Amy Beine.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting. Approved


  1. Treasurers Report. Please see website www.ptcbmx.com


  1. Track Director Report.


Rebuild date is now April 17th. Work  order already refilled with the city. Covering  the last two straights through the winter. Restriping when it gets warmer. Request from Michael for a stronger newer back pack blower! Will look into it with the city.


  1. Promotions and fundraising for 2012.  Amy Beine will head up the Cookie Dough fundraiser for the track to run from February 01-February 28th.  Minimum will be a 30% profit. Funds needed to do extra work on the track in April. The track needs to have fundraisers for those days when we are unable to race this will cover the shortfall.  We have Monster, Maxxis, Trek, Beef o Brady;s, Big Daddy’s on line for this year. Still looking for new sponsors. Please note that sponsorship package is available on our website too.


  1. Open forum. Nothing new to discuss. Meeting adjourned 5pm .