Minutes  PTCBMX November 19th Parents Meeting. 2011


  1. Roll Call. All parents present. Chilli Cookout was in progress.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting.


  1. Treasurers Report. See ptcbmx.com for finances


  1. Track Director Report. Rebuild April 08. Work afternoons on Sunday, Anthony will send out text.


  1. Promotions and fundraising for 2012.  Will be doing cookie dough fundraiser in January.


  1. Confirm Pricing. Thursday= free gate practice.


                              Race Day = $10 for trophy, $7 for ribbon and $3 to practice.


                               Time Trials = $2.

  1. Open House will be January 7th. Signups and renewals 11am-3pm. Concession stand will be open. Open riding.
  2. Open forum