PTCBMX Minutes  October 8th    2011  MEETING.



  1. Roll Call . Anthony and Shayne Robinson, Jerry and Natalie Padovano, Tim Willis, Danny Turner, Kim Julian and Jerry Kantorczyk.
  2.  Minutes of previous meeting.
  3. Treasurers Report.   Please see for finances. Several urgent purchases for track including gate repairs and new compressor. Thank you Tim.
  4. Sponsorship.  Monster and Maxxis secured for next year.  Discussed new promotions. Monster to sponsor prizes for Summer Series.  
  5. Track Directors to do list.  Partial track rebuild scheduled for April 8th. City will pay for the asphalt material costs.  Eric Bress to do berms one and two.
  6. Presentation of 2012 calendar of events . Looking for more fun ideas for 2012 race season.  State Qualifier announcement to be ABA format. Date to be confirmed December 06th. BW race will be April 07, and GA State Games will be May05th.
  7. Open Forum. Mike and Tim will work on building shelving and cupboards for the concession stand. Opening day is January 14th.  Will have pre-race renewals  January 07th .  Standard Xmas Cards and Riders Ready cards will be mailed out as usual.