Present:  Mike and Robin Mitchell

               Michelle and Mark Mascara

               Tim Willis

               Anthony and Shayne Robinson

               Kimberley Aaron

               Natalie and Gerry Padovano



  1. Finances posted on the website. Maintaining a healthy $5000 plus.  Due to e-verification process, purchases greater than $500 have to go through purchasing department.  There must be 3 quotes etc.  City picking up the tab for a lot more of the maintenance work now.
  2. Board Elections:  Anthony and Shayne will continue to run the track as is for next year. Core volunteer group will step up and help.
  3. Kimberley requested extra speakers for side of concession stand.  Tim and Mark to look into what they can do.
  4. Promotions\: Goal is to raise $2000 cash, the remainder in contributions.  Confirmed on board for next year Monster, Maxxis, Beef o Brady’s, Big Daddy’s,  Southside Wrecker.  Will look into Smith and Davis.  Best bet is our $250 value pack.
  5. Track Directors to do list:  Clean up Tower before the build. City will help pick up rocks with supervision. General tidying up in progress.  Rebuild of 3rd straight in the works. Anthony and Alex putting together a plan.
  6. Open forum: Discussion of Ga State Series.  The State will reach out to ABA tracks for participation in the program for next year.  Goal is to grow the grassroots program. Meeting will only take place in October after the State Champs.
  7. Meeting adjourned 4.30pm