1. Roll Call Shayne Robinson, Anthony Robinson, Carol McCard, Karen Allen, Jennifer Campbell, Michelle and Mark Mascara, Lori and Jeff Tweedell , Mary Anne Franklin, Gena Chreiteh, Jerry Kantorczyk, Cathy Rainey.
  2. Minutes of previous meeting. Passed
  3. Treasurers Report. .see
  4. PTCBMX to do list Anthony. Preparations for the National 2011 Peach National



  1. Jennifer to seek additional help for the concession stand from the beta Club at her daughters school. Also look into volunteer EMTS
  2. Mark has finished additional moto boards.
  3. Mike to complete Tables at finish line this weekend.
  4. Tim Willis has completed upgrades to electricity and is working on getting additional equipment for the concession stand. Need ice machine too.
  5. Meeting adjourned