PTCBMX Minutes for  14th   July 2010 MEETING.


  1. Meeting started at 7:40pm
  2. Roll Call   Anthony Robinson, Arthur Gore, Carrie and Kenny Rider, Bert Perry, Mark and Michelle Mascara, Philip Rhyne, Rick Woodruff, Bart Lundy
  3. Minutes of previous meeting. Approved
  4. Treasurer’s report. Please see website
  5. PTCBMX to do list – Anthony. Painting of the finish line building completed, 2 truckloads of sifted clay to be ordered and surface the track. Notify Bart for use of bobcat. Asphalt repairs are still required, after meeting with Kenny.  Work day on Sunday 8th August on the track. Still have plastic to buy, sandbags to fill, need volunteers on Friday morning (track) and volunteers for practice and pre-race.
  6. Open Forum: Short discussion on Sandy Ridge track and the possibility of them attempting to change sanctions.
  7. Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm.