PTCBMX AGENDA minutes  23rd   June 2010 MEETING.


  1. Roll Call   Shayne Robinson, Lou McCard, Carol McCard, Karen Allen, Mike Mitchell. Arthur Gore, Wesley McCard. Anthony Robinson, Bert Perry
  2. Minutes of previous meeting. Approved
  3. Treasurer’s report.Please see website
  4. Regional volunteer list. Raffle items. Goody bag fillers. Karen Allen and Carol will be in charge of Concession Stand. Ham sandwiches, and frozen grapes on menu.  If parents could donate frozen grapes and fruit for the weekend.  Sign up sheet will be on the website soon. Karen to canvas the restaurants for raffle items etc.
  5. PTCBMX to do list – Anthony. Banner to go up, painting to finish on the finish line building, fans or something to be installed outside concession stand. Mike Mitchell to contact Shayne with information.  Anthony to organize work days on the track. Still have plastic to buy, sandbags to fill, Shayne to redo staging black/white numbers.
  6. Open Forum