1. Roll Call   3.30pm Present, Anthony and Shayne Robinson, Mike and Rolin Mitchell, Kenny and Carrie Rider, Melanie Paul, Elaine Feinblum, Claire Camarata, Carol McCard.
  2. Minutes of previous meeting. Passed
  3. Treasurer’s report. See
  4. Summer Series rules and regulations. Will be run with Leap rules and points in effect
  5. New gate prac times for summer 7-9pm.
  6. PTCBMX to do list – Anthony. Request that help is needed 2 hours before each race and in the summer Wednesday nights will be work days. Please could our parents volunteer one hour of their time to help. Mike will be working on cubbies for the starting hill and repairing the moto board.  Materials will cost about $200.
  7. Open Forum. No new discussions.
  8. Adjourned at 4pm