Ptcbmx Parents Minutees March`13th 2010


  1. Roll Call. Meeting convened 3.15pm Karen Allen,Claire, Camarata, Jon Sugden, Bart Lundy, Anthony Robinson, Arthur Gore, Bert Perry, Shayne Robinson


  1. Minutes of last meeting. Approved.


  1. Treasurerís report. See Statement on website.PTCBMX is a 501 c 4 taken out in 1989. Status has been reactivated. File 990 EZ by May 15th.


  1. Track maintenance issues 2010. Anthony.Confirmed Eric Brass for April 15th and resurfacing of entire track.


  1. Meeting with City March 15th presentation to Commission on plans for 2010 . Must present spend and budget for 5 years. Any big spends must be approved by city council.


  1. New NBL policies.The NBL will pay us $25 back for each new rider we sign up as a direct result of our advertising. We have spent $400 on new ads this month!Buy one licence get one half off .Also when you race nationals and regionals, you get half off your second bike that you race. Discuss at risk children program. PTCBMX on track to collect $400 plus to cover expenses.


  1. Competition Congress is in PA this year we won the Pro Gate raffle $5000 worth of equipment. Men uncovered the booty!!!


  1. State Race March 20th . Volunteers needed. List so far. Please sign on for duties. Friday night will be a work night 6-8pm.



  1. Clinic Evolution March 20th 9am -11am $20. charge.



10. Open forum. Meeting adjourned 3.40pm.