PTC BMX Parents Meeting February 7, 2010


  1. Roll Call: Claire camarata, Carol McCord, Lori Miller-Tweedell, Robin Mitchell, Michael Mitchell, Robert Perry, Shayne Robinson, Jeffrey Tweedell, Mark Mascara, Anthony Robinson, Bart Lundy, Jon Sugden, Nicolle Beamon Rice, Kimberly Aaron
  2. Meeting called to order at 3:36pm
  3. Financial overview by Shanyne. Closing balance $6,752.76. The return check fee will be increasing to $25
  4. Anthony’s to do list: still getting dirt the changing two jumps the first week of March if weather cooperates. Eric Press from NBL will be completing project.
  5. Competition Congress will be in PA on February 18-20th. Everyone is welcome to attend and details can be found on the NBL website.
  6. McDonough National race on February 14-25th is still looking for volunteers.
  7. Clinics: Bizzarro Feb 16th and Colin Stiles June 2-3rd
  8. Open Forum: Discussed State races, the dates can not be changes. A gate practice will be scheduled on February 11th.
  9. Meeting adjourned at 3:46 pm