PTC BMX Parents Association Meeting Minutes January 23, 2010


1.      Roll Call: Shayne Robinson, Anthony Robinson, Michelle Mascara, Mark Mascara, Karen Allen, Nicolle Beamon Rice,Robert Perry, Alicia Allen, Claire Camarata,Mary Franklin, Chip Witcher, Bart Lundy, Jon Sugden, Carol McCard

2.      Meeting called to order at 4:09pm

3.      Finances reviewed by Shayne (who will also be our current Treasurer), we ended the year with $6,284.04. Reviewed profit and loss statement (will be online)

4.      Parks Rec budget submitted to the city: Fence account set aside. Will be improving track by ranch style fence on first straight, resurface turns 1 and 2 and install of fans approved back in 2008.

5.      To do list:

        repave of turns 1 and 2

        more dirt for track

6.      Track is not bound to coke contract due to us not having score boards.

7.      New NBL policies: NBL will pay track $25 back for each new rider we sign up from our advertisement. Buy one license get half off. When racing Nationals and Regionals you can get half off racing other bike (full price for 20 inch, half price for cruiser to race). At Risk children program: NBL will pay license fee for a year for children who qualify based off tax returns.

8.      Competition Congress will be 2/18-2/20, everyone is welcome.

9.      Regional flyer is out, looking for volunteers. Will be having Movie on Saturday night of the Regional at the Amphitheater.

10.  Thanks to Laurie and Rob for putting new rider package together. Each new rider will get a PTC plate.

11.  Upcoming clinics: 2/26: Bizzarro Clinic $25 and Colin Stiles June 2 & 3 $100 (2day)

12.  Riders can go to to print pre-registration forms for Sandy Ridge Regional.

13.  Open Forum:

        DNO insurance $500/yr

        Michelle started a PTC BMX Facebook page

        Possible text blast like soccer/baseball fields

14.  Meeting adjourned at 4:34pm