PTC Track Meeting Notes


Date: November 21, 2009

Location: Peachtree City, GA

Attending: Shayne Robinson, Anthony Robinson, Claire Camarata, Melissa Woodruff, Bert Perry, Karen Allen, Matt Benyon, Laurie Corley

1.Roll Call


2. Minutes of previous meeting presented:

A.     Boys did reorganize the storage shed.It looks great, thanks!!!

B.     Let Shayne know if you will attend the Presidents Cup race


3. Finances presented by the Treasurer:


A.     Over $9,000 in bank.Receipt printer purchased, cartridge for printer, shed items, and water bottles.Shayne ordered 50 DVDís from Collin Stile to give out at prizes for future race.

B.     Financial Report for October 2009 handed out.


4. Formation of committee to run the teenage nights for the summer of 2010.Request for this event to be run on Tuesday nights.7 pm Ė 10pm.Please give your names to Shayne.Melissa Woodruff has volunteered her time for 2 of the nights: ††††

A.     Melissa and Bart say possible on Tuesday nights.Clair will help as possible.

B.     Start out having rides on Thursdays then switch to Tuesday in the summer.Track gate practice moved to Saturday during Dec.Only requirement is helmets.

C.     May have other activities also.

D.     Curfew for most kids is 11pm.Times may be 6:30pm to 8:30pm to start.

E.      They will need key to restroom.If music system is used then be careful.$1,000 to replace.†† Will need to discuss with Karen if the concession stand needs to be open.

F.      Start simple and see how it goes.May drive increase in riders with having something during the week. Anthony will post on the website when all information is determined.


5. Track Directors To Do List:


A.     Additional dirt still needs to be added to the track.Possible date in January.

B.     4th Straight changes (minor) per Anthony.1st double and make a table.

C.     Some feel something more challenging for the expert riders needs to be done to the track.However rookies and novice are the core group.Track must be safe for the lower level riders. Talk to riders to see what changes they would like to see.Give them limited options and let them vote.

D.     Changes must be made in Jan. or Feb.Need to have the volunteers lined up.††


6. Thank you to Karen for having our 2010 schedule ready to hand out!!


7. Christmas cards are done and ready to be mailed December 01, 2009.†† Thanks Shayne!


8.Regional hotel list if finalized.Wyndham will be our host hotel for 2010 Regional Championship series.Their price of $79 per night still stands.Dolce will be helping us secure a night at the movies for the Saturday night entertainment.Will keep you posted of the negotiations on this.As always if you are able to volunteer in any capacity for the 3-day event please let Shayne know ASAP!


A.     Emergency care wants to sponsor the track.May have them sponsor the

B.     Entertainment night will be free to NBL riders at the amphitheater.Also free popcorn!Movie will probably be Transformers.

C.     Holiday Inn will be $85 and Best Western $75-$85.

D.     The usual flyers, banners and etc. will be done along with invitational cards.


9. Next meeting will be on the 2nd Saturday in December after gate practice.Gate practice switches up to Saturday afternoon from 2pm-4pm through December.


10.Open Forum.