PTC BMX Parents Association Meeting Minutes October 24, 2009


1.      Roll Call: Shayne Robinson, Anthony Robinson, Reed Bradford, Michelle Mascara, Mark Mascara, Karen Allen, Nicolle Beamon Rice,Robert Perry, Joelle Haynes, Victor Palmeri, Ociel Ruggeri, Michael Mitchell, Robin Mitchell

2.      Meeting called to order at 3:14pm

3.      Finances reviewed by Reed, we currently have $8,635.30 in the bank.

4.      Upcoming fees for Leap awards, receipt printer and president cup entry fees

5.      New board members for upcoming year

Track Director: Anthony Robinson

Assistant track director: Robert Perry

President Parents Association: Shayne Robinson

Treasurer: Open

Secretary: Nicolle B Rice

3 members at large: Claire Camarata, Mark Mascara and Jon Sugden

Karen Allen will be running concessions


6.      To do list:

        reorganize and clean sheds: tentative schedule date November 7 after race

        still checking into cost of repaving 1st and 2nd turns

7. Reminder that PTC track will be paying for Presidents Cup Entry fees if 8 or more local races were raced in 2009

8. 2010 calendar for PTC is out, racing season will start January 23, 2010

9. November 7th race will be a benefit race. Details online at PTCBMX

10. Meeting adjourned at 3:50pm