Minutes of PTC BMX Parents Association meeting 05/02/09

1.      Roll Call: Shayne Robinson, Reed Bradford, Nicolle Beamon, Anthony Robinson, Karen Allen, Claire Camarata, Jon Sugden, Robert Perry.


2.      Meeting called to order at 3:30 pm


3.      Financial overview and review of upcoming expenses from Reed and Shayne. Currently we have $4223.65 in the bank.


4.      Claire gave update on promotions. She is still working on gathering sponsorships for the track. Will be having boxer short relay races for Mothers Day celebration along with small surprise for the moms. Working on ideas for Fathers Day activities for June 11th race.


5.      June 4th race has been moved to June 11th. Will be having gate practice on June 4th. Shayne and Anthony will be out of town so if there are additional volunteers willing to step up and help Claire, please let Shayne or Claire know.


6.      Track Business: Anthony presented a to do list that includes:

         still working on fixing gate by Regional

         patching asphalt

         gate needs rewiring

         borrowing light tree from McDonough for Regional

         Site drawing to add awning to building at finish line


7.      Volunteer list out for the Regional. Anthony will work on putting it online. Please let Shayne know if you can help. Looking for additional volunteers for Fridays pre-race at the Regional. It will be a 2 moto transfer starting at 6:30.


8.      Next meeting June 11, 2009


9.      Meeting adjourned at 3:51pm