MINUTES PTCBMXParentsíMeetingApril 11 , 2009.


1.      Roll Call. 5pm In attendance Shayne Robinson, Anthony Robinson, Reed Bradford, Claire Camarata, excused Nicolle Beamon, Craig Schumacker, Carol McCard, Karen Allen, Bart Lundy, Bert Perry, Lori Tweedell, Derek and Toni Lovelady


2.      Minutes of previous meeting presented.


3.      Financials presented by Reed Bradford, PTCBMX treasurer. We have $2108.98 in the bank.Trophy expense carry over $350 for BW medals in trophy expenses. No extraordinary expenses. Raffle raised $330, $500 sponsorship by Mahaffey Orthodontists, $300 donation by Kevin Jackson for trophies for the kids, $357 from concessions today ( thanx Karen and Carol)Great financial day of racing.


4.      Promotions update from Claire Camarata, social and promo director. 2009 sponsorship updates and monies collected. To contact newspapers and radio and tv soon for the regional.

1.      What new event for May? Mother day special perhaps . Decided on flowers for the moms and a boxer short relay race.



5.      Bob Warnicke scholarship race rescheduled for May 02, 2009 Parents meeting to follow.


6.      Track Business:†† Update Anthony on PTCBMX TO DO list. A) Have to repair the starting hill iron grid.Possible with concrete.Bert to liaise with his next door neighbor who is a specialist in concrete.Gate needs painting.Also ask Al Farmer to redo wiring on the starting hill prior to the Regional.Usual wear and tear.†† Also ask for ceiling fans to be installed around concession stand.


7.      Regional updates.




a)Tom Izor unable to attend possible list of people, Bartís nextdoor neighbor, Keith Charon, Freddy and Annette?Bart and Shayne to follow up.


b) Insurance coverage obtained for Huddleston School overflow parking.

c) Bart to ask neighbor John if he can coverus for paramedic duty for the regional. PTCBMX to offer $500 to his fire station.Leighanne to be nurse stand in for three days as well.Rick Dailey will be there as well.

d) Not sure if we will have police cover parking for us.No need at the last regional!

e) Karen looking for raffle items.Could each parent donate one raffle item for us please.Carol McCard to put together BMX baskets from our sponsors for the raffle.Toni Lovelady to ask sportshop for Helmet for raffle.

f) Volunteer list coming together nicely.

g) Fayette rental to supply tent to cover staging for event. Could borrow McDonoughsí cover if this does not work.


8.      Open forum. No comments.


Meeting adjourned 5.30pm.