Minutes of PTC BMX Parents Association meeting 12/20/08

1.      Roll Call: Shayne Robinson, Reed Bradford, Nicolle Beamon, Anthony Robinson, Karen Allen, Claire Camarata

2.      Meeting called to order at 1:12 pm

3.      Financials reviewed by Reed Bradford and quick run down on upcoming expenses by Shayne (sod)

4.      Claire stated no current update on promotions.

5.      Track Business: Anthony still has current to do list (with current addition):

         Fixing drainage and erosion issues, Fence perimeter, gates, repair chainlink

         Fix gate: reweld mesh, sheet-metal, use metal plates for ID or wood

         Partial track rebuild by Tom Ritz, longer cables needed for speaker range, purchase track MP3 player, Purchase Progate timing system

         Install fans in concessions, add A/C ducts in concessions, fix drainage around tool shed, build shelves in tool shed

         Install motion detector lights and triage on sponsor banners

         looking for sod possibly around March

6.      First race is January 10th 2009 followed with a parents meeting right after the race. Second race will be hosted by Rob and Stacy Potter on January 24th.

7.      Presentation of PTCBMX business (by-laws, financials) will be presented to city the first week of January.

8.      Meeting adjourned at 1:38pm