Minutes of PTC BMX Parents Association meeting 11/01/08

1.      Roll Call: Shayne Robinson, Reed Bradford, Leigh Ann Lundy, Bart Lundy, Nicolle Beamon, Anthony Robinson, Karen Allen, Lori Miller Tweedell, Jeffrey Tweedell, Brook Shelton, Claire Camarata, Matt Beynon, C. Witcher

2.      Meeting called to order at 3:46 pm

3.      Financials reviewed by Reed Bradford and quick run down on upcoming expenses by Shayne (track rebuild,Soil, gas, Sound System paid for, MP3 for leap points)

4.      Sponsorship renewals coming up (already in is Bike Center, Evolution, Bicycles Unlimited, Kovachi, Artistic Dentistry, Monster Energy Drink, Maxxis Tires), Newest sponsor is Hummer. Possible sponsorship with AMS, will know more details in weeks coming.

5.      Track Business: Anthony presented a new updated to do list that includes:

         Fixing drainage and erosion issues, Fence perimeter, gates, repair chainlink

         Fix gate: reweld mesh, sheet-metal, use metal plates for ID or wood

         Partial track rebuild by Tom Ritz, longer cables needed for speaker range, purchase track MP3 player, Purchase Pro-gate timing system

         Install fans in concessions, add A/C ducts in concessions, fix drainage around tool shed, build shelves in tool shed

         Install motion detector lights and triage on sponsor banners

6.      Last race is November 15th. Promotional giveaways are dark grey beanies with logo.

7.      Regional Information: Hotels are confirmed and prices are set as follows: Wyndham ($79 host hotel), Holiday Inn ($89), Western ($72-$82). Key Volunteer positions are fixed but still need volunteers to help with rotation in concessions over 3 day period on 3 hour increments. Monster Energy will sponsor day 1 team racing with $250, looking for Day 2 sponsor. Need help with raffle and collecting items to raffle, raffle will only be on day 1. Tim Huff and Tim Maret are slotted for announcing day 1 and 2 and Claire will work Friday night announcements for the pre-race.

8.      Looking for Regional activities, sponsors or side events to help make regional race a success. (possible Ritas, Brusters for Ice Cream) Open for suggestions in coming months.

9.      Free training course in Clerking and Referee on the first weekend in December.

10.  Presidentís Cup: Peachtree City will pay entry fee ($45) for all its riders that attend.

11.  Meeting adjourned at 4:16pm