Minutes of PTC BMX Parents Association meeting 07/10/08

1.      Roll Call: Shayne Robinson, Reed Bradford, Karen Allen, Leigh Ann Lundy, Nicolle Beamon, Claire Camarata, Anthony Robinson.

2.      Meeting called to order at 7:05pm

3.      Financials presents by Reed Bradford. Account balance $5347.50 (financials posted on site)

4.      Claire is putting together 70ís and 80ís playlist for race night July 24th, still working on if we will make it a full fledge 70ís and 80ís night.

5.      Track Business:

         4-wheeler is here and the track is looking GREAT!

         Still waiting on some information from the amphitheater about PA system

         Still looking for dirt donation or local area where we can pay gas to transport of dirt

         Looking to make track changes in late November/December. Looking at footdowns

         Still looking for someone to weld the back part of gate

6.      Changes in by-laws: (elections in October) VP removed, secretarial duties split since clerk does paperwork, treasurer position expanded for dealing with the city, only a board member can make deposits.

7.      Saturday August 9, 2008 is Peachtree City State race and we need volunteers. Karen Allen will be handling the raffle. Need raffle items.

8.      GA State Olympics will be help in Peachtree City, Sunday July 13th. Waivers will be required for all riders per State Olympic rule. Monster, 95.5, WSBTV, ABC and local papers shall be attending.

9.      Looking to meet with Atlanta Motor Speedway to spread the word about BMX: More info to come as the details unfold

10.  Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm