Minutes of PTC BMX Parents Association meeting 06/05/08

1.      Roll Call: Shayne Robinson, Lori Miller Tweedell, Jeffrey Tweedell, Nicolle Beamon, Claire Camarata, Anthony Robinson.

2.      Meeting called to order at 9:10pm

3.      No financials to present at this meeting. Reed Bradford-excused

4.      Claire has Parker assisting her in getting the track recycling up and running. She is going to try and get 11 Alive news out on the day of The GA State Olympics race July 13th.

5.      Track Business:

·          4-wheeler will be brought down in July from PA

·         Possibilities for the sound system via Amphitheaters help

·         Number plates are available now for $10 with PTC BMX

·         Looking to make track changes in late November/December. Tom Ritz assisting in design.

6.      Raffle drawing for SE Bike successful in raising $700 for the track. The Swap was great! Rita’s was a hit and looks forward to coming back. Coke will return for GA Olympics July 13th.

7.      Colin Stiles 2 day BMX Clinic held Monday and Tuesday June 2-3rd was a great success!

8.      GA State Olympics will be help in Peachtree City, Sunday July 13th. Waivers will be required for all riders per State Olympic rule.

9.      Meeting adjourned at 9:21pm