MINUTES of PTC BMX Parents Association meeting 4/5/2008


  1. Roll Call. In attendance: Shayne Robinson, Leigh Ann Lundy, Reed Bradford, Nicolle Beamon, Bart Lundy, Claire Camarata, Anthony Robinson and Karen Allen.
  2. Meeting called to order at 3:10 pm
  3. Financial presented by Reed Bradford. March expenses to the account were discussed. Closing balance for March 2008 is $5,195.00. Updated financial report is posted on website.
  4. Claire is working on the possibility of establishing Project Green at the track. She is going to work on trying to address 2 additional sponsors for the track each month. (examples presented were car dealerships)
  5. Track Business:
    • Still trying to obtain dirt so the track can make some changes. Track is in great shape.
    • Alex Fritz still has the garage door and looking for someone to install it at the track.
    • Anthony is seeking a new or used 4 wheeler.
    • Looking into dumping refrigerator, Claire may be able to help cart off.
    • Back of gate needs to be replaced eventually but definitely needs some work. Bart may have a friend that can weld. The company that laid the asphalt may have an option of replacing the wire with concrete instead.
    • Sound System needs to be looked at for possible loose wires. Looking to see if we know someone who may know more about wiring and systems. Looking into cost of a possible new unit.
  6. Tickets are still on sale for the raffling of the SE bike. Track still has 50 tickets to offer out to be sold. Drawing is still set for May 31st
  7. Colin Stiles 2 day BMX camp is being held at the track Monday and Tuesday June 2-3rd. Shayne will be there all day Monday and Claire will be handling the camp Tuesday morning with Bart possibly helping too. The track will be closed to all others unless they are participating in the camp.
  8. Next Race is Thursday April 17th, first night race. 6-7:30 pm, race at 8pm. Bob Warnicke race rained out and now will replace race on April 26th.
  9. Meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm