1. Roll Call.  See sign in sheet.
  2. Meeting called to order 3.30pm.
  3. Financial presented by Reed.  
  4. Claire has secured Rita’s Ice and is working with Bike Center and Gezzos to sponsor our track.
  5. We will be getting dirt in a couple of weeks and then we plan on some changes.  Otherwise track is in great shape.

            Fencing complete at a cost of $1850  We used $1000 from our fenced account towards this.

            Grading and paving of concession stand and staging still in the works with the city.


  1. Voted on to remove the position of Vice President from the By- Laws.
  2. Approved purchase of 2 bikes from SE, one for Bring a Buddy program prize and one for the Ga Olympics.  Brooke and Nicole to organize raffling of one of the bikes through school with their children. Our bike that we won for January from the NBL will be used for the raffle at the State Qualifier.
  3. Karen Allen looking early for raffle items. Please feel free to contact her with items. The earlier we start the better.
  4. Rob Potter gave a Speedway update.  Cost of running his track to be shared with RC racing cars.  His schedule is now out there on our combined racing list.
  5. Meeting adjourned 4.00pm.