AGENDAPTCBMXParentsíMeetingJUNE 09 , 2009.


1.      Roll Call.


2.      Minutes of previous meeting presented.


3.      Financials presented by Reed Bradford, PTCBMX treasurer.


4.      Promotions update from Claire Camarata, social and promo director. 2009 sponsorship updates collected.

1.      What new event for June ? FATHERS DAY RACE.


5.      Track Business:†† Update Anthony on PTCBMX TO DO list.

6.      A) Evolution bike clinic for State Qualifier.

7.      B) Volunteers to be finalized for SQ.

8.      c) Regional Updates and advertising report back.

9.      d) Raffle requests.

10.  Meetingwith Dolce Hotelsfor future sponsorships for the track.

11.  Waiting on approval for the addition to the finish line building

12.  Next meeting July 7th .


Open forum.