AGENDAPTCBMXParentsíMeetingFebruary 14th , 2009.


1.      Roll Call.


2.      Minutes of previous meeting presented.


3.      Financials presented by Reed Bradford, PTCBMX treasurer.


4.      Promotions update from Claire Camarata, social and promo director. 2009 sponsorship updates and monies collected.

5.      A) first clinic by Bizzarro February 18th 6-8pm.Flyers to be distributed soon$25.

††††††††† B) Evolution have offered clinic $15 any time.

††††††††† C) Stiles clinic to be announced. Colin will be doing a 2 day clinic in July again.

6.      Track Business:†† Update Anthony on PTCBMX TO DO list.


7.      Bob Warnicke race February 28th.Claire to update newspapers about event. Regional Banner up and flying.Hotels are all announced. Karen needs help with Concessions and raffle sign ups.


8.      Competition report back.7th place award for highest number of riders at local events out of all the tracks in the NBL.Received a rebate check of $252, Anthony to discuss some new rules.


9.      Next meeting is March 14th .

10.  Meeting adjourned.