1. Roll Call.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting presented.


  1. Financials presented by Reed Bradford, PTCBMX treasurer.


  1. Promotions update from Claire Camarata, social and promo director


  1. Track Business:†† Update Anthony on PTCBMX TO DO list.


  1. July 13th Georgia Olympics.Volunteers needed. Monster Energy truck here. Opportunity for other sponsors.Waiver of liability must be signed by all riders.


  1. Update our board positions and information. This must be done prior to August meeting.Voting on board positions takes place in October, to allow for training of any new members for 2009.


For discussion:Expectations of board members.Need to be there 1 hour before racing and 1 hour after to close up, at each and every race.If not available please notify track director.Please make sure t hat you can attend all races throughout the year. It is a long term commitment. All board members are expected to fill in key volunteering positions day of racing or initiate training of new volunteers. It is a team effort.


Members at large:need 3 or 4.Not board members but pick up the slack on race days for us where needed.


Treasurer:Needs to be at each gate practice, and each race. Needs to have some financial background.Also expected to be available for volunteering on race days. The treasurer cashes up after each race and writes checks for registration clerk and any expenses.The concession stand money is also counted and balanced.Floats are balanced and handed back to relevant officials. Money must be deposited the first business day after racing, no exceptions.Only a board member may make deposits, if the treasurer is unable to make deposits, any other board member may do so .Treasurer must have financial report to the webmaster no later than the 5th of every month for publication.All books are subject to audit any time by Peachtree City Rec.Department. Check book must be kept up to date at all times and available for review any time. There must be orderly keeping of books, invoices and receipts.

  1. August 09, SQ volunteers needed.Please see Karen Allen for all raffle needs for these events.
  2. Open floor questions.
  3. Meeting adjourned.