1. Roll Call.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting presented.


  1. Financials presented by Reed Bradford, PTCBMX treasurer.


  1. Promotions update from Claire Camarata, social and promo director


  1. Track Business:†† Update Anthony on PTCBMX TO DO list.4 wheeler has been purchased for $1800.Jay will pick it up in Pennsylvania the end of this month.


  1. Drawing for raffle on May 31st and winner of bring a buddy announced on May 31st.


  1. Pleased to announce Colin Stiles 2 day BMX camp June 2-3rd. We have secured the facility for those two days from 9am -4pm.We have the pre-reg. forms for this event..


  1. Soldier-ride event to race money for the wounded veterans will take place in November 2008. 90% of the proceeds will go to this charity.Two years ago we had sponsored laps in 30 minutes. Any other suggestions?


  1. Adjourn.