How to Stage:

When the riders are called to staging, the stager will call riders into staging by moto number, not riders names.


At the back of the starting hill, there will be 10 roped-off lanes. Initially the first 10 motos of riders will load into the lane that corresponds with the right-most digit of their moto number.

The stager will then call each moto out of the lanes and the riders in that moto should form up on the first line behind the number that corresponds with the gate number they were assigned for the first round race.

In our example, when moto 9 was called up, the riders in moto 9 would exit lane 9 move up the hill and form up behind the line and with our rider A behind the number 6.

If there was a moto 19, that group of riders would fill the vacated lane 9. As each moto is released from the gate, the riders progress up the hill until they are "on the gate" and under the starter's orders.

This process continues until the last moto of the first round has completed their race and the process will be repeated with round 2 and then round 3.

Note to parents: No one except riders, race officials, and parents that need to assist boys 6 & under and/or girls 7 & under are allowed in staging.