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New Riders

Required Race Equipment
  • -USABMX Membership
  • -20 inch or 24 inch bicycle
  • -Full face helmet, or helmet with mouth-guard
  • -Long sleeve shirt
  • -Long pants
  • -Number Plate
  • -Working brakes
  • -Bar ends or something which securely covers the end of the handlebars
  • -Gloves (optional - recommended)
Will My Bike be Acceptable?

Can not have reflectors, pegs, kick stand, or chain guard. (These items can come loose or fall off and cause injury to yourself or a fellow competitor) Bikes with any size wheels (16, 20, 24 or 26) are allowed in the Novice (beginner) class. Your bicycle should be mechanically sound and at least have effective brakes on the rear wheel.

Sizing Chart

Is BMX Dangerous?

If you do not wear a helmet or do not follow proper safety precautions it can be. If you wear your protective gear and follow all safety precautions, it is no more dangerous than any other organized sport.

Registering to Race

You may sign up on race-day, and register to race that same day. Please bring a copy of the racer's birth certificate. (can be produced after registration) We will supply you with your initial number plate and numbers.


If you are really nervous and feel you need a "buddy" to help you get through your first race, ask the clerk when you register for the race to assign you a buddy and let them show you the ropes. Practice the entire track, so that you know what to expect during the race. Practice the gate until you feel comfortable with it's operation.

Who will I race?

Riders your own age Riders your own skill level

All About Moto Sheets

Listen for the announcement that "Motos are posted" and go to the moto boards to find out who you will be racing that day! How to read the moto sheets and if you racing someone younger/older than you, understand the moto combining rules.

Correcting Motos

If there is a problem with your moto, go to registration so that it can be corrected.
If you hear an anncoment for moto repost. Go check your moto and make sure you were not affected by the change.

Start of Race

Listen for the announcement calling "Riders to go the back of the starting hill and into staging." Most tracks play the national anthem before the first race starts, so you have some time to prepare yourself. How to get into staging

How to Stage

When the riders are called to staging, the stager will call riders into staging by moto number, not riders names.

At the back of the starting hill, there will be 10 roped-off lanes. Initially the first 10 motos of riders will load into the lane that corresponds with the right-most digit of their moto number.

The stager will then call each moto out of the lanes and the riders in that moto should form up on the first line behind the number that corresponds with the gate number they were assigned for the first round race.

In our example, when moto 9 was called up, the riders in moto 9 would exit lane 9 move up the hill and form up behind the line and with our rider A behind the number 6.

If there was a moto 19, that group of riders would fill the vacated lane 9. As each moto is released from the gate, the riders progress up the hill until they are "on the gate" and under the starter's orders.

This process continues until the last moto of the first round has completed their race and the process will be repeated with round 2 and then round 3.

Note to parents: No one except riders, race officials, and parents that need to assist boys 6 & under and/or girls 7 & under are allowed in staging.

layout of how staging works image
What to Expect When the Gate Drops

You will hear the word "PEDAL!" a lot, and you should listen to the spectators and pedal! Always give your best effort and have FUN! There is great joy in riding bicycles, and it is even more intense racing bicycles!

After the Race

Listen for the announcement calling "Riders to go pick up their trophies." If you are entitled to a trophy, go pick it up and enjoy. We hope to see you at the next race.


Shayne Robinson
Track Director
Phone: 678-770-1750

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