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             UPDATED = September 12, 2016.

PTCBMX now accepting donations!

Please donate to the building of the pumptrack in October 2016.

We need to raise $5000 to pay for dirt, asphalt and fencing.

We have collected almost $4000, it is going to happen!

*** Next race is on Friday, September 23rd at 5pm. ***

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Call Shayne at (678)770-1750 or come on out and sign up, or find out more about this exciting sport! (On Facebook, search for "Peachtree City BMX Track")

PTCBMX hosts Gold Cup


      PTCBMX September 2016 calendar       PTCBMX October 2016 calendar

Next Gate Practice:

Thursday September 15, from 6 to 8pm.  
No charge, full race gear, and current USABMX licence required.

                       Find out more about Peachtree City
                                visit PTCPeople.com for local news, events, and information

Next Parents Meeting: FRIDAY August 05th at 6:15pm in track meeting room.  
Parents and riders 18+ welcome. Agenda

LAPs 2016 race credits (including race on August 20th)

Next time trial will be on Tuesday 6th September 2016!   Free! 6 - 8pm

Time trials results

  Open racing in 2016: Open racing proved very successful in 2015, so we will continue offering "Opens" in 2016. We will run an open if we have 3 or more riders register for that age group, Amateurs must register to race class on that race day. Cost: Free, no trophy for opens.

    Open Classes:
  • 10-under Open wheels: 20" and Cruiser bikes, boys and girls combined.
  • 11-to-15 Open wheels: 20" and Cruiser bikes, boys and girls combined.
  • 16-29 Open wheels: 20" and Cruiser bikes, boys and girls combined.
  • 30+ Open wheels: 20" and Cruiser bikes, boys and girls combined.
  • ProAm Open Wheels: 20" and Cruiser bikes, boys and girls. (class racing required for Ams, practice fees for Pros)

BMX racing Clinics: We will schedule at least 3 clinics in 2014:

  • Bizzarro Racing, , TBA
  • Redline April 15
  • Stile Industries, TBA
  • Barry Nobles, TBA
  • BlackCrown BMX TBA
  • BMXSCHOOL.com (online subscription)

Track conditions : The track has been draining well and drying out quickly well and drying out quickly so we are able to use the track soon after the rain. However we can't always update the website so quickly! So please call the hotline on the day of the event for the most current update. Or sign up for text blast ==>

   Hotline:    678-318-3537




PTCBMX Harlem Shake video


BMX racing article:  BMX racing BMX racing was featured in the Guide to Fitness and Health magazine.


Suggestions:  If you have any suggestions to improve our local racing program, please contact an official.